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Many people desire to enter and invest in the world of football (soccer) and earn profits with high existing values, which tend to increase with the organization of the World Cup - FIFA - in 2014 and 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, activities that generate an impressive amount of business, which demand legal certainty, as many who invest in this risky activity lose money.

Within the vast range of sports business, we highlight the following services.


Drafting, review and monitoring of sponsoring contracts, partnerships, participation in the economic / federatives rights, agency of athletes and construction of sports arenas;


Legal advice for clubs, athletes and businesses to foster better planning of work contracts and sports image rights, and finding the best alternatives for sports corporate business and partnerships;


Advice in the preparation and monitoring of tax incentive projects at the municipal, state and federal levels;


Interface with public agencies, Justice, Labor, Federations and Confederations (national and international) and Sports Justice to defend the interests of the client or its athletes.






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