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Our firm has distinguished service in the area of labor law, characterized by high degree of resolution of lawsuits as well as significant reduction in the number of grievances proposals to the detriment of the company through preventive action. 

It is evident that over the years, Labor Law has evolved considerably, exceeding the CLT(Brazilian Labor Code), with highlights to the Collective, the Federal Constitution and especially international conventions such as ILO (International Labor Organization), requiring in-depth knowledge.



In this sense, the labor law can be divided strategically into prevention and litigation:



1. Prevention


Guidance on labor laws applicable to the company, including continuous monitoring of changes in regulations and procedures for auditing labor. Namely the regular and systematic analysis of the routine labor of the company and functional records of employees;


Consultation services on labor questions related to business activity;


Development of personalized legal advice on legal and labor issues of greater complexity;


Advice for the development and implementation of profit sharing (participation in profit sharing) and required approval of labor unions;


Advice for union negotiations and collective bargaining;


Guidance in the implementation of projects of interest to human resources and labor relations.



2. Litigation


Defend the company in labor claims, presenting its defense, appeals, events and reasonable procedural issues, as well as negotiations aimed at resolving the conflict in place, with the lowest cost;


Defense administrative and judicial representation, due to fiscal action of the Ministry of Labor or labor unions.







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