Preventive Law




Preventive law should be seen as an investment of the company in order to avoid becoming involved in litigation, providing greater security in legal relations, with the elimination of unnecessary costs, arising from many long legal disputes.



Among the main activities related to preventive law include the following:


Answers to queries and questions documented preserving the confidence of our customers;


Custom Development of opinions, considering all circumstances pertaining to the legal conclusion of the business, in order to eliminate risk and provide greater certainty in the relations of our customers with third parties;


Guidance on standards for the company, including procedures to be implemented to minimize the risks of future legal discussions;


Guidance in the conduct of conflict in the administration of all interests concerning the establishment, maintenance and protection of heritage, proper guidance in disputes, division of property development, and valuations for shares;


Assistance in preparing for succession planning in the preservation of family heritage, establishing the appropriate legal structure to preserve the family, and the perpetual growth of the company and the business involved.





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