Tax Law




Certainly the companies that operate in the current scenario require a more comprehensive view of their relation to tax regulation, making their business activity more efficient, adjusting their costs to tax legislation, ensuring greater competitiveness on the market today.


Our main activities related to tax law are:


Preparation of written responses of the companys tax position;


Personal opinions;


Business tax planning;


Counseling prior to commercial and corporate transactions that generate tax consequences;

Preparation of defense and appeals against tax claims, tax assessment notices and the imposition of fines;


Monitoring in administrative refunds, compensation or reimbursement, with administrative authorities, whether federal, state, or municipal;


Opposition objections to execution or filing of tax shares and tax debt annulment for the purpose of exemption from payment or reducing the amount required by discussion of the illegality / unconstitutionality of the tax demand, and following their procedures until the higher courts;


Bringing suits in order to obtain unenforceability or decrease in taxes, fees, levies or compulsory loans (Federal, State and Local).








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