Order of Lawyers of Brazil – OAB/SP Nº 220.837





Fabio Henrique Alli is a lawyer, entered the OAB/SP (Brazilian Bar Association) under the number 220.837, made by the Faculty of Law of Araçatuba – Instituição Toledo de Ensino.


He is a member of the Association of the Lawyers of São Paulo.


During his successful carrier, Fábio have assisted several clients in Brazil or abroad, from all sort of companies.


His performance in this area brings both experience in litigation – gained in the fist years after college – and prevention – increased during the years of relationship with companies, entrepreneur and its issues,    in addition of the continuous study, grants consistent knowledge of the Business Law.






Faculty of Law of Araçatuba – Instituição Toledo de Ensino. Graduated at December, 2003.




Professional Experience

Trainee at the Project Mutirão na Execução for the period 02/05/2000 to 28/02/2001 held by MJ 37/99 agreement signed between the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Corrections of the State of São Paulo;


Trainee at the firm Gonzalez Advocacia, from March 2002 to December 2003, Mirandópolis, State of São Paulo;


Attorney at the firm José Humberto de Souza Advocacia since 2004.






Criminal Liability of Corporations, AASP;


Controversial aspects of reform of the CPC (Code of Procedures), AASP;


Intensive Course Regular Elementary of Law(Extension Program), Education Network LFG;


Practical Aspects of Consumer Law – Litigation, AASP;


Initiation to Tax Law, Exord.






Right of Defense in the police inquiry, OAB / SP;


Labor Law Hearings, OAB / SP;


The error and deceitfulness in criminal proceedings, OAB / SP;


The reality in criminal proceedings, OAB / SP;


Transaction Criminal and Conditional suspension of the process, the Brazilian Institute of Juridical Extension.








Avenida Paulista, 648 – 13º andar – São Paulo – SP – Brasil

Tel: 55 (11) 3285-3390